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Playwrights Horizons

Client since: January, 2007

What we provide:

Playwrights Horizons is one of the most visible off-Broadway theater companies in New York, supporting both new and well-established playwrights and composers and attracting top talent.

In 2007, Enlightening Design developed the "Members-Only" functionality for Playwrights Horizons, allowing users to sign up to become members in order to view special content. This application utilizes the database we designed to display this special content.

As part of this functionality, we built a database of all Playwrights Horizons productions from 1971 to present, and an application to search the cast and staff of these productions, providing a valuable resource for fans of theater.

We also built the database-driven application for their 2007 "Live For Five" lottery, including forms, verification and database processing.

We host the Playwrights Horizons web site and build any additional pages that require a database and the applications which utilize this database.

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